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Legends of Lemuria (Akriza Remix) - Deya Dova

Umoja - Akriza

Be Kind, Love More (Vol. 1) - TIMEWHEEL

King Cobra - TIMEWHEEL

Upside Dawn (Akriza Remix)

Nature Song (Akriza Remix)

Templo Sagrado (Album)

Templo Sagrado, or "Sacred Temple", was inspired by Akriza's experience traveling across Central America and visiting sacred sites along the way. Tikal was written on top of a temple in the ancient Mayan citadel that is located in the rainforests of northern Guatemala. 


This album is a journey that carries with it both ancient and future codes. It features epic cinematic movements, and soaring vocal melodies. Ranging from heavy bangers to deeper emotional tracks, all inspired by Akriza's transformational journey and live performances across Central America. This album captures and reflects the feelings of awe that arise from witnessing some of the earth’s most inspiring natural beauty, juxtaposed with ancient civilizations' most epic achievements.

The songs were created with the intention to awaken the listener into the purest depths of their heart and soul. Carrying with it the prayer that all beings may be kind and love more. All tracks carry the dichotomy of balance between light and dark, earth and sky, feminine and masculine, ancient and future--one not being present without the other.


As you listen, allow your body to move freely and express itself. Let the music enter your heart and allow you to drop out of your mind and deeper into your soul.


Album artwork by Joshua Telos

Mastering by Matt Davis at Hacienda Audio

High Vibe Records

Ecstatic Motion (Album)

"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."
~ Dali Lama



Akriza [uh-krih-zuh] is a musician and electronic music producer hailing from the city of Portland, Oregon. He explores a range of genres in his productions, most often characterized by epic cinematic movements and soaring vocal melodies. His work ranges from heavy bangers to deeper emotional tracks, inspired by his travels around the world--capturing and reflecting the feelings of awe that arise from witnessing some of the earth’s most epic natural beauty. Some of Akriza’s sonic influences include Clozee, CharlestheFirst, and TroyBoi.

Some of Akriza’s notable performances include playing internationally in Mexico and Guatemala, One Love Festival, Unison Festival, High Vibe Festival and many Living Prism events.

His second album Templo Sagrado was released on High Vibe Records at the end of 2021 and he has many releases and collaborations planned for 2022.

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